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Dr Martin Sutherland

Academic Dean BTheol, BA (Hons), PhD, FRHistSoc Henderson_campus

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Martin's past positions include: Dean of the Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School; Lecturer at Carey Baptist College; Director of the R.J. Thompson Centre for Theological Studies at Carey; President of the New Zealand Baptist Research and Historical Society; and Pastor at Epsom Baptist Church. He was the editor of the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research (1995-2011). He holds a Bachelor of Theology from the University of Auckland and a BA (Hons) and PhD in History from the University of Canterbury. He is married to Dr Yvonne Sutherland who is a scholar in Maori Studies. Martin and Yvonne have three adult children and four grandchildren.


Refereed Publications

2007 ‘Gathering, Sacrament and Baptist Theological Method’, Pacific Journal of Baptist Research 3/2 (October 2007), 41-57.

‘The NZ Baptist as an Agent of Denominational Identity 1874-1960’Pacific Journal of Baptist Research 3/1 (April 2007) 23-39.
2006 (ed) Digital Baptist – a resource for research into N.Z. Baptist life (DVD)

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Editorial (with Elaine Wainwright)Pacifica 18- 2 June 2005

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‘Baptist Research, Why Bother?’,N.Z. Journal of Baptist Research, Vol. 1, Oct. 1996: 5-8. 

Papers and Lectures

2008 ‘Bust ups, Cover ups and Scandal: N.Z. Baptists and Controversy’, paper to the NZ Baptist Research and Historical Society, Palmerston North, November 2008.

‘A Glimpse of Heaven Now?: Christians as Citizens of Heaven’, paper to the Wineskins seminar, Laidlaw College, Auckland, September 2008.

‘The Spirit in James: Wisdom and Hermeneutics’ paper to the Holy Spirit and Hermeneutics Conference, Laidlaw College, August 2008.

‘A Narnian way to Heaven: judgment, universalism and hell in Lewis’s vision’, paper to the C.S. Lewis Collouquium, Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School, Auckland, June 2008.

‘Polanyi in the light of Pascal and Popper’, paper to the Polanyi Seminar, Tyndale-Carey Graduate School, Auckland May 2008.
2007 ‘Is an Evangelical Contextual Theology Possible in Aotearoa-NZ?’ paper to theEvangelical Identities: Theological Perspectives conference, Tyndale-Carey Graduate School, Auckland, March 2007.
2006 ‘A Tale of Two Principals: Changing Perceptions of Being Evangelical Among NZ Baptists 1926-1946’, paper to theAustralasian Evangelical Identities: Historical Perspectives conference, Tyndale-Carey Graduate School, Auckland, August 2006.

‘NZ Baptist Missionary Disappointments in the Pacific’ Paper to the International Conference on Baptist Studies, Acadia University, Nova Scotia, July 2006.

‘The Necessity of Christian Scholarship’ paper to the Tyndale-Carey Seminar February 2006
2005 ‘Baptists and Leadership in New Zealand’ paper to the Australasian Baptist Research Forum, Morling College, Sydney, January 2005
2004 ‘The essential other: protestant constructions of transcendence’ paper to theGod’sZone?: Theological Scholarship in Aotearoa New Zealand conference, Auckland, July 2004.
2003 ‘Is a New Zealand Contextual Theology Possible?’ paper to the Auckland Branch of the Systematic Theology Assn of Aotearoa New Zealand, Auckland, June 2003.
‘On Method: A Baptist Tikanga’ paper to the conference of the Systematic Theology Assn of Aotearoa New Zealand , Dunedin, December 2002

‘“Smooth Words” and “ugly facts”? The Removal of Luke Jenkins as Principal of the N.Z. Baptist Theological College, 1944-1952’ - paper to the Auckland Seminar on N.Z. Church History, March 2002 
‘Baptists in Colonial Canterbury’ - paper to the N.Z. Church History Conference, Christchurch, November 2001.

‘Trinity Substance and Soul: Augustine and a Relational View of Personhood’ - paper to the N.Z. Assn for the Study of Systematic Theology Conference, Auckland, November 2001.

‘A Free People? Becoming Baptist in New Zealand’ - paper to the N.Z. Baptist Historical Society, Auckland, August 2001. 
‘New Zealand Baptists in the Twentieth Century’ - paper presented to the Second International Conference on Baptist Studies, Wake Forest, NC, U.S.A., July 2000. 
‘Coleridge on Irving: Dependence and Departures’ - paper to the Systematic Theology Post-graduate Studies Seminar, Kings College, London, Dec. 1998. 
‘The Uncertain Parentage of New Zealand Baptists’ - paper to the N.Z. Baptist Historical Society, November 1996.

‘Religious Conflict in Stuart England: Towards a New Paradigm’ - paper to the Church History seminar, Auckland Consortium for Theological Education, March 1996. 
‘The Elevation of the Mundane in the Logic of Samuel Parker’ - paper to the ‘Freedom and Modernity’, Interdisciplinary Conference, Wellington

‘Intolerance as a Virtue: Representations of the Church in Restoration England’ - paper to the ‘Facts and Fictions: representations of Medieval and Early Modern Europe’ Interdisciplinary Conference, Hobart, February 1994. 


2007 W.H. Brackney, Baptists in North America: An Historical Perspective and W.J. Leonard,Baptists in America. PJBR 3/1, April 2007, 73-74.

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A. McGrath, A Passion for Truth: the intellectual coherence of evangelicalism, N.Z. Journal of Baptist Research, Vol. 1, Oct. 1996. 

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