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Dr Rod Thompson

National Principal / CEO BA, DipEd, ThL, MEdS, PhD Henderson_campus

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About Rod Thompson

Rod took up his role as National Principal of Laidlaw College in September 2010. Prior to this Rod served as Head of the School of Theology. Rod has also worked as the Executive Officer for Vision Development with Christian Parent Controlled Schools in Australia; the head of Worldview Studies at MASTERS Institute; a high school teacher; and a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Sydney. He holds a BA (Sydney University),ThL (Australian College of Theology), MEdS (Institute of Christian Tertiary Education), and a PhD from Macquarie University. Rod is married to Rosanne and they have four adult children and five grandchildren.


2010 Chapter “The World is Your Playground: Competing Stories of Gospel and Globalized Adventure” in Goheen, M. and Glanville, E. (ed’s.). The Gospel and Globalization: Exploring the Religious Roots of a Globalized World. Vancouver, Canada, Regent Publishing.
2009 Thompson, R. Where Elephants Swim, No. 3. Auckland, NZ, Interact Curriculum

Thompson, R. Where Elephants Swim, No. 4. Auckland, NZ, Interact Curriculum
Thompson, R. Where Elephants Swim, No. 1. Auckland, NZ, Interact Curriculum

Thompson, R. Where Elephants Swim, No. 2. Auckland, NZ, Interact Curriculum
2007 Thompson, R. and Kelshaw, C. Shocked by Blessing. Sydney, Australia, National Institute of Christian Education.

Nurture: Journal for Home and School. June 2007. Volume 41.2 Article on leadership entitled “Take me to your leader: Approaching the meaning of leadership.”

CPCS Annual General Meeting DVD Presentations: the three presentations to the AGM.

Chapter “Humanism” in Smart, S. (Ed.). Spectator’s Guide to Worldviews: Ten Ways of Understanding Life. Sydney, Australia, Blue Bottle Books.
2005 Biblical Introduction to Worldview study material published in May 2005 by MASTERS Institute. This book contains six studies for use in schools, churches, small groups etc
2004 The Christian Teachers Journal Volume 12. No. 4. October 2004. Article entitled “Biblical Studies Curriculum.”

Reality magazine article on Worldview and culture, No. 64 August/September 2004
Curriculum material for the Wesley Institute in Sydney, 2003-2004. Four courses have been
written for Wesley’s Graduate Diploma in Education, which is being developed for 2005. These courses are Biblical Studies 1 (Primary), Biblical Studies 1 (Secondary), Biblical Studies 11 (Primary) and Biblical Studies 11 (Secondary).
The Bible in the Belly of the School – a three cassette series used within Christian schools in
God and People (GAP) Bible curriculum – a Biblical Studies programme used within Christian schools in Australia

All the Layers of the Cake – a book and curriculum outline for the teaching of Biblical Studies
Genesis and Jesus and Christian Worldview. In Ireland, J. (Ed.). Pointing the Way. (2003). Sydney, Australia: Christian School Publications

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