14 October 2021

Semester 2 Update

Some of the revelations of this pandemic include a reminder of the beauty and fragility of human life and interaction; the potential and limits of human ability; and the challenges we face when we lose a sense of being in control.

Psalm 90 is noted as a prayer of Moses, and given the subtitle “God’s Eternity and Human Frailty” in some NRSV translations. In our troubling/uncertain times we can read verses 12-14 as our own prayer: 

So teach us to count our days
that we may gain a wise heart.
Turn, O Lord! How long?
Have compassion on your servants!
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

With Auckland continuing at Level 3 and Christchurch at Level 2, here is an update on our plans for the remaining five weeks of Semester 2, 2021. 

Our plan for the rest of this semester:

Please take care of yourself and your bubble first and foremost. You can find more about health guidelines and helpful links here.

Up-to-date information is regularly posted at www.laidlaw.ac.nz/covid19


Teaching and Learning remains online

Learning will remain online
 with classes held via Zoom for the remainder of the semester. This ensures we continue to protect the most vulnerable in our community and guarantees continuity for all our students.  Auckland Campuses remain closed under Alert Level 3.

Learning will remain online
 for large classes via Zoom for the remainder of the semester. Students are able to access the Christchurch campus with public health protocols in place regarding signing in, physical distancing and wearing of masks when on campus. Limited numbers of smaller groups and classes are being held on campus. Those groups/classes who can meet on campus in Term 4 will be advised by their Head of School.


Counselling practicums

We are aware that this extended lockdown continues to make it difficult to complete practicum hours for many of you. Please keep checking the Counselling page on moodle and your emails for information about this and contact Jenny Arnold (Auckland) [email protected] or Christine Hopper (Christchurch) [email protected] if needed. 

Education placements in schools

In Auckland, we are working to offer alternative practicum experiences until schools re-open for face-to-face learning. We anticipate sharing more information about this in the next few days. In Christchurch, placements will continue as planned.


We provided a blanket two-week extension which has pushed out a number of assessments beyond the end of semester date of Friday 19 November. Please contact Student Support as soon as possible if you think you cannot realistically complete all your assessments by these revised due dates. Any extensions to revised due dates beyond 19 November need to be part of a plan for successful completion worked out with Student Support.

Please note that the official end of semester date is not changed and if you are receiving a student allowance please plan for that allowance to cease on 19 November 2021, irrespective of whether you have completed all your assessments or otherwise.


Our lecturers, tutors and student support team are here to help. Please let us know if you are struggling, or need support or assistance of any kind. We know that for some of you this situation is incredibly challenging – we are here for you whatever your circumstances. 

Student Support Advisors will be available to meet with you online. You can book a session via the booking form on Moodle. You can also contact your Student Advisor:

If you don’t have a suitable learning from home setup and you need help with devices, or obtaining data, please contact our Student Support Manager, Fiona Sherwin - [email protected]

Keep up to date with Studying at Home resources on Moodle.  


Our Auckland physical libraries and study spaces remain closed at level 3.

The library provides support with online books and resources available from the Library Homepage.  Under Level 3, you will be able to access our Click and Collect service. See here for our full list of services.

The Christchurch campus library is open at level 2. Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for borrowing books and study on campus. There are strict public health protocols that need to be followed when using the library. 

Our librarians are available to help between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Please contact us:


If you need someone to talk with for additional support please reach out. Our counsellors are available to meet online via zoom or by phone. 


The government has given Laidlaw a small grant so we can provide financial support to students where there is financial hardship arising from the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns. 

Please contact:

In these uncertain times, we pray that the spirit of the living God would strengthen you in your inner being. We ask that the God of all hope would fill you with his abundant love – and that Jesus would reassure you in a deep and personal way that there is nothing that can separate you from his love. His mercies are new every morning. 

Grace and peace to each one of you today and, please remember, we are here to help you with your studies, so please be quick to reach out and ask if there is any way we might be able to support you.