"To serve local churches through supportive relationships, relevant research and contextually appropriate resources that facilitate the development of reflective practitioners"

Engage is the Laidlaw Centre for Church Leadership. It expresses Laidlaw’s desire to serve the church and be a mutual partner in the Gospel. Its aim is to bring the wisdom of both the pastoral world (including practitioners, mission leaders and church leaders) and the world of those serving the academy together, so that one informs the other with a renewed imagination in facing the impending challenges of societal change.

Engage is committed to the local church and is excited to see partnerships strengthened. To this end, we hope to:

  • Serve local churches by encouraging supportive relationships in the form of collaborative networks
  • Foster relevant research
  • Develop contextually appropriate resources

Through these means, we seek to create an environment that facilitates the ongoing development of reflective practitioners, who are biblically and theologically grounded and able to imagine their everyday contexts as being shaped by the Gospel.

On the ground, this may take the shape of our monthly breakfast meetings, normally held at a local café near Laidlaw’s Henderson campus or sometimes hosted by a church. These breakfast gatherings bring pastors, mission leaders, and Laidlaw staff together to discuss relevant challenges facing the New Zealand church. We also host a number of “Leadership Conversation Evenings” where local Christian leaders and pastors have the opportunity to both hear from and interact with visiting theologians and practitioners.

If you would like to find out more about Engage, or would like to join us, please contact:

Graeme Flett
[email protected]
09 836 7819