School of Theology Celebration of Research

We invite you to join us as we gather to celebrate the important research and writing that has been conducted through Laidlaw’s School of Theology, including the launch of three books that have been published in the last year.

The night will also feature a discussion between Dr Roshan Allpress and Dr Stuart Lange on "the state of evangelicalism today".

Join us on campus at Henderson, and stay for supper afterwards. Please register below to let us know if you are coming. If you are unable to join us in person please complete the registration below for a zoom link.

We look forward to hosting you for this special evening.

Where Henderson Campus
When 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost FREE & open to the public
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Tim Meadowcroft 
Like the Stars Forever: Narrative and Theology in the Book of Daniel 
Hebrew Bible Monographs.
Sheffield, UK: Sheffield Phoenix, 2020.

This anthology of Meadowcroft’s essays (all but one previously published) coheres around three claims he makes about the book of Daniel. The first is that Daniel should be understood primarily as a wisdom figure, and that the first chapter of the book of Daniel is programmatic in that regard. The second is that the vision of the one like a son of man represents a theological hinge that guides an understanding of both the tales and the visions as expressions of participation in the divine life on the part of the wise Daniel and his people. The third claim is that the final chapter of Daniel, as the capstone of the wisdom story of Daniel, shows the aim of wise participation in the divine life as an enduring legacy of righteousness in those who encounter this wisdom. These claims are supported by a close reading of aspects of the narrative art on display in the book of Daniel; an exegetical appreciation of the interpretative impact of understanding the faithful wise as expressive of the hopes placed in the temple by the ancient people; and a theological and contextual reading of the experiences of Daniel and his friends—in the daily routines of life in the Babylonian and Persian courts, and in those strange apocalyptic encounters of the later chapters. From such reading there emerges the paradoxical nature of faith as certain hope and ethical clarity alongside mystery and uncertainty and the call to patient endurance. This delicate dance between certainty and patience, clarity and mystery was a feature of the experience of Daniel and his people in their time of exile, of later readers suffering under the heel of Antiochus Epiphanes, of those resisting the claims to lordship on the part of Rome, and still today of readers of the book of Daniel wherever empire is encountered and resisted.

Andrew Picard, Myk Habets, and Murray Rae, eds. 
T&T Clark Handbook of Colin E. Gunton. 
London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2021

Colin Gunton was one of the most influential British theologians of twentieth century. in The T&T Clark Handbook of Colin Gunton is a theological companion to the study of Gunton's theology, and a resource for thinking about his importance in modern theology. Each of the essays, many of which are written by Gunton’s friends, colleagues, and students, introduces readers to key themes in the Gunton corpus, and unveils cutting-edge Gunton scholarship that provides fresh interpretations for contemporary theology and the church.

Mark Keown
Discovering the New Testament. Volume 2 The Pauline Epistles. 
Bellingham: Lexham Press, 2021.

Discovering the New Testament is a three-volume introduction to New Testament texts designed for first-year seminary students who want to delve into the background questions and themes associated with each book of the New Testament. Written from an evangelical perspective and without excessive discussion of the complicated advanced questions of NT research (which can be discussed at more advanced levels of research), the volumes invite students of all levels to explore in some depth the background and central themes of each book of the New Testament. Thus far, volume 1 (the Gospels and Acts) and volume 2 (the Pauline Epistles) are published; volume 3 is in production.

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