Can we trust the New Testament?: A history of how the NT came to us

The New Testament gives us the teaching of Jesus and consists of books mostly written within one generation of Jesus’ ministry. Followers of Jesus have been responsible for the careful copying and transmission of the original Greek text. We know of many manuscripts of the New Testament that were written before the printing press, but the oldest manuscripts often disagree with one another. So where does our current New Testament come from? How was it copied? And did the church intervene and change the message so that it said what the church wanted it to say?

This lecture is for anyone who has a vague interest in the origin of Christian church and the New Testament. No specific knowledge is assumed, and all, sceptics, Christians, or otherwise, are welcome.

Please RSVP Jenny Mackie at [email protected] before Monday 8 April 2019 and mention Dr Dirk Jongkind Lecture in your email.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Where Henderson Campus
When 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Cost Free (Light supper provided)
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About the Speaker

Richard Neville ShaveDr Dirk Jongkind an international expert on New Testament manuscripts and Research Fellow in New Testament Text and Language at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Though Dr Jongkind's first career is in horticulture, he moved to biblical studies in the late '90s and studied at Tyndale Theological Seminary in the Netherlands for an MA (Old Testament), and at Cambridge for the MPhil (2000) and PhD (2005). He was involved in the curatorial preparation for the Codex Sinaiticus digitisation project at the British Library. In 2017 Cambridge University Press and Crossway jointly published The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge, which Dr Jongkind edited over the previous decade. You can read more about Dirk here: https://tyndalehouse.com/staff/dirk-jongkind

Dirk is a brilliant thinker, and a vibrant speaker and we received very positive feedback from those who attended public lectures he gave at Laidlaw in 2012.