Metaphor in the New Testament: Expressing the Inexpressible through Language
Public Lecture with Dr Stanley Porter

You are warmly invited to a public lecture on Monday 25 June by Dr Stanley Porter at our Henderson campus.

New Testament studies has too often been shackled by a limiting and constraining literalism. The result of such a narrow view of human experience and use of language is the failure to appreciate the nature and complexity of language itself, in particular metaphor. Fundamental to interpretation is recognition of the role that language plays in human experience, and from that grow all of the other helpful means by which we analyze texts. In this lecture Dr Stanley Porter will look in particular at theories of metaphor to see what they help us to understand about language, and about how metaphors function in the New Testament.

Where Henderson Campus
When 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Cost FREE & open to the public
RSVP by Friday 22 June to events@laidlaw.ac.nz

About the Speaker

Stanley PorterDr Stanley Porter has taught for nearly thirty years in tertiary institutions in Canada, the USA, and the UK. He is President and Professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College, Canada; roles he has held since 2001. His publications include 28 authored books and over 300 authored journal articles and chapters, along with over a hundred other shorter pieces. He has also edited over 90 volumes. Stan has a wide range of academic specialties. These include Greek language and linguistics, hermeneutics and various methods of interpretation, and a range of New Testament studies from the Gospels to John to Acts to Paul. He is also a specialist in papyrological and text-oriented research, and is very interested in the wider Greco-Roman world. He preaches and speaks widely, but is also active in his local church, where he often teaches young adults and preaches.