05 May 2015

Better Together

Celebrating two significant partnerships for Laidlaw College

Laidlaw College values partnerships with other gospel-shaped, missional Colleges around the nation and throughout the nations. In the last couple of months, Laidlaw Principal Dr Rod Thompson has signed Memorandums of Agreement with both Equippers College in Auckland and The South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore, India, which will further enrich and resource Laidlaw as well as Equippers and SAIACS. We look forward to further, strategic partnerships of this kind in future years.

“Partnerships with likeminded Colleges are crucial for Laidlaw College. They are mutually beneficial and will involve staff and student exchanges as well as sharing of curricula and other resources. We are thrilled to have entered into partnerships with Equippers College and SAIACS”, stated Rod Thompson.

We asked Dr Ian Payne (Principal of SAIACS) and Steve Graham (Principal of Equippers College) for their thoughts on the partnerships that have been established:

Rod Thompson with Ian PayneIt has been a pleasure talking with Dr Rod Thompson over the last year and when he visited SAIACS about how Laidlaw College and SAIACS might cooperate more. The purpose is to “serve the Kingdom of God worldwide through theological education.” I am glad to say the benefits of such a relationship are mutual and will include several initiatives involving the exchange of faculty, students (particularly doctoral students) and resources. I’m excited that here we have an example of global fellowship. We have a western seminary seeking to enrich its students and faculty by seeing how the Indian Christian church lives and does things. I believe the vitality and energy of India and the resourcefulness and global vision of Laidlaw will advance the Kingdom of God through the ministry of theological education. That is our prayer.
Dr Ian Payne, Principal of SAIACS

We are delighted with the opportunity to partner with Laidlaw College. It opens doors for our students to go to a higher level of study and be equipped for the call of God on their lives. It forges links between Christian institutions in the city and beyond which has got to be a good thing. The partnership has come out of a shared vision to see the next generation of Christian leaders in New Zealand better equipped, and is strengthened through relationship: we know each other, trust each other and realise we are in this together - New Zealand is too small a place to stand alone. We think that together we can go further towards our goal of equipping people for life and seeing God's kingdom extended.
Steve Graham, Principal of Equippers College