20 May 2015

Do Muslim Women Need Saving - a Public lecture with Dr Cathy Hine

On Monday 11 May, we had the privilege of hosting Dr Cathy Hine at Laidlaw College (Henderson campus), in partnership with Interserve Aotearoa New Zealand. The evening was well-attended with between 50 and 60 people present – a good mix of students, the general public and supporters of Laidlaw College and Interserve. Dr Hine’s talk, “Do Muslim Women Need Saving?” was a provoking and challenging presentation that spoke to both an intellectual and heart-level understanding of the day-to-day lives of women in Islam. Seeing “mission” as relationship building rather than a strategic process with the potential to dehumanise, Cathy brought some fresh and challenging ideas to the way in which we see and define “mission”. Cathy spoke from a place of experience and wisdom and her stories of Muslim women being agents of transformation within their own communities (reflecting the story of the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus at the well) were deeply inspiring.

A big thanks to Dr Hine and the Interserve team!

The presentation was filmed, and you can view it below.