15 April 2015

Edition 18 of Encounter out now!

Exploring the complex interaction between theology and technology, this edition asks the question: “In light of the Scriptures and the good news of Jesus, what stance should be taken regarding the increasing influence of new technologies across all of life, particularly in the realm of education?”.

Rod Thompson unpacks Quentin Shultze’s Habits of the High-Tech Heart, while Stephen Garner discusses what it means to follow Christ while “wrapped in media”. We also take a look at how Laidlaw is embracing the new technology of video-conferencing and what this means for our staff and students in New Zealand, as well as the potential for global partnerships. Master of Theology student, Alister Gill, also reflects on what he terms, “Missional Technology” – a thought-provoking take on what it means to be a faithful Christian in the 21st century.

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Encounter - Edition 18 - March 2015

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