22 April 2016

WATCH NOW: Public Lecture with Bishop Justin Duckworth

Around 100 people crammed into Laidlaw’s Atrium on a Monday evening in April to listen to Bishop Justin Duckworth speak on the topic of “The Church in Contemporary NZ: Perspectives and Challenges”. He spoke from the premise that the church in NZ is the most post-Christendom church in the western world – “we’re on the cutting edge of not being Christian”.

It was a thought-provoking talk as Justin outlined why he proposed that the church is out of alignment with culture and to God. He delved into a little church history to highlight ways God has helped the church realign in the past, through the influence of the Desert Fathers, the monastic stream, and the Franciscans. Though only a small number of people formed these apostolic movements, they influenced the mainstream church to move over a few degrees towards them and realign.

What is today’s equivalent of an apostolic movement? How do we create the environment that allows people with passion and innovation to run with their passions without trying to “domesticate” their vision?

It is a talk sure to generate ongoing discussion and reflection amongst church members and leaders. We encourage you to have a listen!