20 March 2017

WATCH NOW: Public Lecture with Dr Ian Paul

On Tuesday night 7 March, around 60 people gathered in the library of Laidlaw College’s Henderson campus to hear Ian Paul speak on Has Preaching Had Its Day?

Previously a lecturer at St John's College, Nottingham, an Anglican theological college, Ian now has a variety of roles. Based in Nottingham, he is well known for his blog (www.psephizo.com with the tagline “scholarship serving ministry”), and is also an associate lecturer at Fuller Seminary in California and Nottingham University. Ian is also licensed as a parish priest and serves on the Church of England General Synod and the Archbishops’ Council. Ian has published widely on the book of Revelation, on matters of biblical interpretation, and on the application of the Bible to various issues impacting the church. His varied ministry is characterised by a desire for church to hear clearly the voice of Scripture.

During his visit to Laidlaw, Ian also spoke to a postgraduate seminar and had breakfast with a group of local pastors.

In his public lecture, Ian proposed seven reasons why preaching is often said no longer to be necessary, including practical, pedagogic, pastoral, cultural, theological and philosophical reasons. And there is also the small matter that preaching needs to be done well! He then responded to each of the objections, to build a case that the word of God preached continues to have power as God’s word to a group of people at a particular time and place. Preaching is far from having had its day, according to Ian.

Ian’s presentation was filmed and you can view it here: