31 May 2017

WATCH NOW: Public Lecture with Dr Terry Casiño

DIASPORA MISSIOLOGY: When the Mission Field Comes to Us

Public Lecture 23 May 2017 by Dr Tereso (Terry) Casiño, ThD, PhD

Originally from the Philippines, Dr. Casiño has taught in Korea and is currently Professor of Missiology at Gardner-Webb University and theological adviser to the Lausanne Movement’s Global Diaspora Network.

He gave a public lecture to a packed audience at Laidlaw's Henderson campus that was particularly pertinent to Church and Missions leaders in New Zealand who are challenged by our current changing context and the need to reflect on the theological implications for our mission. Dr. Casiño has been at the forefront of theological reflection, research and teaching about articulating the Gospel in liminal spaces that so many migrants, refugees, international students and people crossing national borders occupy within societies. 25% of our current population was born elsewhere so the challenge for churches, missions and theological communities is to grow in our preparations for, and engagement amongst, the diaspora (people on the move) in our communities.

Dr. Casiño’s presentation helped us understand diaspora and migration and stimulated our thinking in how to engage in mission to, through and from the diaspora. It represents an opportunity to network with others also interested and active in diaspora mission.

Dr. Casiño's presentation was filmed and you can view it here: