02 May 2018

Watch now! Reformed Spirituality and the Spirit of Reconciliation: A South African Journey wit Piet Meiring

At a public lecture in April we were privileged to hear some of Professor Piet Meiring’s personal journey as he shared his experiences as a reformed pastor and theologian serving on South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1996-1998). The TRC was a restorative justice body assembled after the abolition of apartheid, with the chair, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, personally inviting Professor Meiring to join the Commission. Professor Meiring admitted that at times he found his position on the Commission as a reformed pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church embarrassing, as his own church had at times not only approved of apartheid but created a theology for it, and members of the church had perpetrated some of the atrocities brought to the TRC’s attention. He recounted some unforgettable experiences of victims and perpetrators being healed in reconciliation.

His talk covered themes of reformed spirituality, restorative versus retributive justice, forgiveness and grace and was sprinkled with stories of those who had appeared before the Commission. It was a fascinating, at times sobering, inspiring, and thought-provoking evening!