From Fury to Forgiveness

An injury, once inflicted, cannot be undone. The impossibility of changing the past is one reason giving and receiving forgiveness is indispensable. The rather humble notion of forgiveness turns out to be the means of addressing the dilemma of the irreversible, of remedying the contagion of revenge and ruined relationships, and of promoting the proper functioning of families and communities. This course is an opportunity to investigate forgiveness. We will look at its history in the West, and at contemporary discussions of forgiveness across disciplines. The heart of this course, however, will be a close reading of the biblical testimony on forgiveness. Students who take this course will gain significant insight into forgiveness, and the important role of emotion in the Christian life. It is designed to be both academically rigorous, and deeply practical.

From Fury to Forgiveness
(R115.830 Interpersonal Forgiveness in the Scripture: From Fury to Forgiveness)
Dr Richard Neville
Semester Two: 16 -20 August and 18-22 October 2021 
mornings only @ 9am-12pm