Journey into the Real Narnia

C.S. Lewis is one of the most beloved, well-read, and well-used Christian writers in the modern period. He is popular with children because of the Chronicles of Narnia, with adults because of his work on fiction but also for his ethics, his essays, his reflections on love, grief, suffering, joy, and beauty. He is popular with intellectuals because of his apologetics and Christian philosophy. I am in awe of how Lewis can say so much in so little words, with his beautiful and highly suggestive prose, and the depth of his theological insight. In this course we will journey into the real Narnia, and out of the Shadowlands, and explore key themes in Lewis’s work, and enjoy together reading his work, discussing its abiding value, and applying key insights to our own lives.

Journey into the Real Narnia
(R215.830 Theologian in Context: C.S. Lewis – an Exploration)
Dr Myk Habets
Summer School: 11-15 January 2021