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A Rising Tide
Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand 1930-1965
A Rising Tide by Dr Stuart Lange
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'A Rising Tide' by Dr Stuart Lange is about evangelical Christianity in New Zealand between 1930-1965. The book is about the moderate, British-style evangelical Christianity shaped by the Evangelical Union/InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVF) movement and by many other evangelical bodies including New Zealand Bible Training Institute (NZBTI).

Various academic reviewers described the book as an “a tour de force”, an “outstanding contribution to our understanding of Christian history in New Zealand”, “impeccably-researched and fair-minded”, a “masterly analysis”, and “compelling reading”. Professor David Bebbington (leading historian of evangelical Protestantism in Britain and worldwide) describes Stuart’s work as “central to an understanding of the New Zealand religious experience”.

Stuart is a Senior Research Fellow at Laidlaw College, and is also the senior pastor at Massey Presbyterian Church.