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Wineskin Talks - Theology for Life
Text, soul and culture as an integrated whole
4-disk series that examines the vision of life, three big ideas, the brilliant image of God, and broadening the conversation.
NZD$40.00 (incl. GST)

In Theology for Life we continue the big picture ethos of the Wineskin Talks.

Like the previous series, we base everything on Jesus of Nazareth, whose life changed life forever. So how now do we think of God in light of Jesus? Or of being human? Or of what God is up to in the world? Of relationship, community, and society? Environment, architecture, and economics? And, as our minds are renewed, how ought we to live?

This four-disk DVD series by Dr Mark Strom examines the following topics:

  • Disk 1 - A vision of life
  • Disk 2 - Three Big Ideas
  • Disk 3 - The brilliant image of God
  • Disk 4 - Broadening the conversation