Eunice PriceLecturer – Education

  • BA/BCom, Grad Dip Teaching, MProfSt (Hons)

Eunice is a lecturer in teacher education and has had extensive experience as a primary school teacher, teaching students from Year 2 to Year 8 level. She has fulfilled various roles including ICT and pedagogical leadership, ICT mentoring, Assistant Head of Faculty (Year 7/8), Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, and Gifted and Talented Education programme leader. In 2012, she completed her Masters in Professional Studies (Education) and is currently completing her PhD. Her research interests are in the fields of Gifted and Talented Education, girls and achievement, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Literacy and new media. Eunice currently sits on the giftEDnz board, the national body supporting all professionals working to support gifted students, and is co-editor of their quarterly e-magazine, giftEDnewz.



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Gaerlan-Price, E. (2015). Meet, prey, like: A study of gifted girls’ interactions with social media. APEX: The New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education, 19 (1).

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