Fiona Sherwin Student Support Manager Disability Liaison

  • BMin

Fiona is the Henderson Student's Academic Support Adviser, and Theology Adviser with course planning. She is also the Disability Support person across all campuses. Finally, Fiona coordinates Stimulus, the online Academic Journal produced by Laidlaw.

Fiona's role is varied. If you are a student with a long term illness or disability, then Fiona is available to help support you in your studies. It could be as simple as a weekly chat to make sure everything is ok, or it might be an advisory/advocating role to ensure that you are best equipped and supported in your studies.

If you are a Henderson or Manukau degree or Grad Cert/Dip student, Fiona is your adviser with regards to course planning. If you are a Henderson on campus student, Fiona is your academic support person who is available to help work out study plans and figure out those assignments that seem impossible at first glance. Fiona has a nice big black chair that's rather comfy and its sole purpose is to be a comfy place for students to come and sit and chat. 

Finally, Fiona assists the editors of Stimulus, which is a New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice.

Fiona completed a Certificate in Teaching People with Disabilities at AUT in 1995 before spending several years as a support worker for people with disabilities. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Ministries at Laidlaw College in 2007, a degree which combined her appreciation for theological study with her passion for youth work. Presently she is completing her MTh through Laidlaw and embarking on her thesis: "What does it mean for the church to be a place of belonging? A case study in disability."

Fiona has been involved in her church, Forrest Hill Presbyterian for quite some time! She has served there as the Youth Pastor and elder. While she has "retired" from both of those roles, she still takes an interest in supporting the youth work when needed. Fiona holds an advisory role on the Disability Advisory group at the Australian College of Theology, using what she has learned from Laidlaw to help. She loves seeing her nephew and nieces who live in Australia when she can; family is an important part of Fiona's life. Fiona plays indoor netball every week, which is a great run around! She loves relaxing in the evenings with a good book, or what might be taking her "binge watching" interest on Netflix.