Kathy MayesAdministrator/Internship Coordinator

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Kathy is the Academic Administrator and Internship Coordinator for the Christchurch campus. 

Kathy's role is to engage with students in regard to academic processes from the time of their potential interest in becoming a student through to their graduation. This involves conversations around programme options, course selection, programme planning, pastoral and vocational guidance and support. She works as part of a wider team who seek to see the CH.CH.Laidlaw student supported in their study and integrated into campus life.

In the Internship Coordinator role Kathy tutor's students who are interning as part of their study. This involves connecting with their placement agency ensuring their internship role is well defined and that mentoring and supervision is in place. The tutorial time assists the students to integrate their classroom learning with their placement experience.

Kathy has been on the Laidlaw staff for 20 years. She was introduced to B.C.N.Z. firstly as a student who interned herself in a church pastoral setting.She really appreciated the teaching that she received and found that it really informed her practice. She is passionate about the internship model of learning and integration.She enjoys the privilege of working alongside students and seeing the insights and changes that occur. 
Kathy has subsequently trained in the area of professional supervision as she sees this as a key element of supporting those in pastoral ministry so that they are supported to function and flourish well in ministry.

Kathy enjoys people and creativity. This includes family, hospitality and friendship. She loves cooking, gardening and sewing all of which could be regarded as a mundane task, but she enjoys as a creative expression. She is involved in her local church - Westchurch. Over the years she has had many roles of contribution, but currently is part of the teaching planning team and teaches and worship leads from time to time.

For exercise and recreation she enjoys walking and cycling and is appreciating the emergence of a recreated Christchurch that is increasingly becoming more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.