Ramon UttingInternship Cohort Co-ordinator

  • BCom, DipTchg

Ramon is the Internship Cohort Coordiantor and is responsible for overseeing the Internship Programmes that are run in conjuction with Laidlaw's Partner Organisations.

Ramon's role focuses on helping Interns in Partner Organisations work their way through a CertCM or DipCS as part of their Internship in their church. This primarily involves connecting with students around the country and helping them to navigate their studies and practical involvement in church life. Over time we are hopeful of extending the partnerships beyond those we current enjoy and finding ways of further supporting the development of church leaders with an intelligent and courageous faith.

Ramon has been involved in church leadership since 1990 when he first started pastoring a small church plant in Taneatua, Bay of Plenty. Church life has often journeyed alongside a career in Secondary Teaching. From 1998-2001 he and his wife (Rosemarie) established and ran the Ministry Training College in Chch out of the City Elim Church. Recently, Ramon has trained in Strengths Coaching and Personal Coaching and has run his own business focussing on developing leadership and communication skills in organisations - with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal of trying to overcome toxicity in the workplace! He has been working in his current role with Laidlaw since March 2017.

Life beyond the walls of Laidlaw primarily involve ongoing coaching in Strengths and Leadership development. He is also involved in a leadership role in a small Presbytarian church (Kiwi Church) which is exploring what Christianity in a Kiwi culture might look like. His biggest joy though is family - three grown daughters (who are continually trying to get him to renounce his allegiances with the Highlanders!), two son-in-laws and bouncing on the trampoline with his 3 grandchildren!