Summer Semester at Laidlaw – 2022/2023

21 November 2022 - 17 February 2023

Invest some time this summer into deepening and enriching your understanding of Scripture. Take a Laidlaw summer semester course by distance from the comfort of your own home! 


115.515 Reading the Bible
Jeremy Tattersall
This course aims to introduce the broad shape of the biblical story, and show how the Christian gospel is integral to biblical theology. It explores the unity, diversity, and central themes of the Bible to make sense of the relationships between the Bible, theology, and all of life.

201.515 Engaging Theology
Taryn Dryfhout
This course aims to introduce systematic theology and teach learners to think theologically. It examines God’s self-revelation, how we can understand that revelation, and why it is foundational for our faith. It then explores the arrangement of this revelation into a set of core beliefs, and their application to everyday living.

401.515 Formation
David Wells
This course aims to help learners reflect on personal and communal spiritual formation, through engagement with Scripture, theological understandings, and a variety of Christian spiritual traditions. This reflection will include (1) evaluation of key aspects of their own formation, (2) evaluation of their experiences of personal and communal strategies intended to facilitate spiritual growth, and (3) the development of spiritual practices which will strengthen their contribution to enhancing human wellbeing within their own social and cultural contexts.

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111.615/715 Interpreting the Bible
Chris Northcott
This course is an introduction to biblical interpretation, grammatico-historical exegesis, biblical genres, historical developments, historical-critical, and literary-critical methods, and hermeneutical considerations, including hands-on experience in exegeting biblical texts.

202.15/715 Christology
Taryn Dryfhout
This course examines traditional and contemporary theologies of the person and work of Christ, theology of revelation and Scripture.

205.615/715 Church
Theology & Practice
This course introduces students to ecclesiology: biblical and historical perspectives. Attention will be given to the development of the church’s self-understanding as the people of God, and to a range of approaches to ministry and sacraments.

480.615/715 Faithful Living: Intro to Reflective Practice
This course explores the dispositions and practices that are required to form life-long reflective practitioners. Students are introduced to a range of models of theological reflection, and will evaluate and apply these within their context. Key theological themes and practices underlying ethical behaviours are explored, and students will develop a contextualized code of conduct. Students are prompted to develop self and other awareness, and build resilience to the experience of receiving and processing feedback from others.

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