Workshops for 2023

Perfect for individuals or groups, these workshops offer the opportunity for you to grow in faith, and add tools to your kete, ideal for professional development. Join us for the whole workshop, or just in part.

Take a look at the options below!

You can choose whether you come for the whole workshop, or just 1, 2, or 3 days. See the costings below:

$200 full workshop

$100 two days
$50 single day
$500 group fee (open size)

If you register for a partial workshop please include the dates you would like to attend in the registration form.

Ngā Hunga Maia Wānanga

Brad Haami
21-22 April & 26-27 May | 9:30am-4:30pm
Henderson Campus

RENEW A PASSION for Māori faith-led leadership in contemporary iwi, hāpori, and hāhi contexts.

Nau mai, haere mai ki tētahi wānanga hou, ko Ngā Hunga Maia, nā Te Wānanga Amorangi o Laidlaw College e whakahaere. Ko te kaupapa o tēnei wānanga ko te hautūtanga whakapono. Te whakatupuranga o ngā hunga maia te hoaketanga o tēnei akomanga. Nōreira, nau mai haere mai, piki mai, kake mai.

Join Brad Haami for this wānanga, and explore the influence the Gospel message has had on both traditional and contemporary Māori leadership. We encourage you to come along and add more tikanga tools to your kete mātauranga on Māori Christian leadership practice.

This wānanga will investigate the influence of early Māori Christian evangelists in transforming traditional leadership roles and the continuation of Māori faith-led leadership in contemporary iwi, hāpori, and hāhi contexts, over the topics below:

Topics covered

  • The dynamics of leadership and followership
  • A Biblical view of leadership
  • Pre-European traditional Māori Leadership
  • The introduction of the Gospel message into traditonal Māori society
  • The Gospel influence on Māori leadership and society
  • Peace orientated Christianity and the rise of charismatic prophetic leadership
  • Applied Māori church leadership and tikanga practice in Māori community

By the end of this wānanga learners will gain an understanding of the Christian foundations of traditional and contemporary Māori faith-led leadership, the context of the Gospel within Māori societies, and how to integrate the Gospel message and tikanga Māori for leadership in community.

Discipling Pacific Communities

Gina Siaosi
20-22 March & 25-27 May | 9:30am-4:30pm
Henderson Campus


Grow in your personal faith, and explore the expertise and skills required for effective discipleship in the local church, local community, and/or global missions within a variety of Pasifika contexts.

Join Gina Siaosi for this workshop, and learn about the practical dimensions of Christian ministry by engaging with key Pasifika leaders in church environments, and professional vocations. Develop leadership thinking and practice to effectively minister in Christian missions and inter-cultural communities.

Grow in your intimacy with God, develop your ability to hear his voice, and the leading of the Spirit. Expand your knowledge of Pacific worldviews and how to engage effectively with Pacific and other inter-cultural communities for fruitful discipleship and missions.

Topics covered

  • The Father Heart of God: A Pasifika Perspective Discover the transformational love of the Father. We will explore intimacy with God - hearing God’s voice, prayer and worship as a lifestyle. Dig deeper into what it means to be authentic sons and daughters of God.
  • Redeeming CulturesExplore the foundations of Pacific Island Nations looking at Conscience, Identity, Vision & Purpose, and consider covenant renewal as a Pasifika Diaspora response.
  • Influencing the Spheres of SocietyLook at the impact kingdom principles could have in the areas of Arts & Entertainment, Business, Church & Missions, Media, Education, Family, and Government. Dig into the role and impact of the Apostolic & Prophetic ministry within the Church and Marketplace. 

Anointed Ministry

Myk Habets
1-4 May | 9:30am-4:30pm
Henderson Campus


What does theologically informed, Spirit-led, and Christ-centred pastoral leadership look like? How is the doctrine of the Trinity applicable to every aspect of pastoral leadership and ministry?

Join Rev. Dr Myk Habets for this workshop. Come along for a day or the entire workshop, and better still, bring your leadership team along for some quality professional development.

Myk has a passion to teach theology—the great doctrines of the Christian faith, founded in Scripture, forged in tradition, applied to culture, and lived out in experience. 

Myk is an internationally recognised scholar on the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit informs other Christian beliefs. Myk has published numerous books and articles in these areas and is working on a number of major publishing ventures.

Topics covered

  • Day 1 Trinity and Christology as the foundations of what we do, why we do it, and even how we do it
  • Day 2 What is the nature of the Church, and in what ways do we need to reconceive the work of pastoral leadership, with a specific look at Worship
  • Day 3 The identity and work of the pastor/minister and how ministry needs to be crucified before it can be resurrected and we can participate in Christ’s missionary activity.
  • Day 4 What does prayer, spiritual formation, and ministry survival look like when the Spirit empowers our ministries