Church history has always placed a crown of respect on the role of the teacher. From Moses teaching the Israelites the new laws, to Jesus the Rabbi training the crowds on how to live – right through to Augustine, Aquinas, Luther and C.S. Lewis – teaching has been a critical aspect of the church and community.

Laidlaw steps into this great tradition by offering a range of teaching courses that are rigorous in their quality and unique in their outlook – grounded in a rich understanding of what it means to be a human and how we can be formed effectively and ethically.

Our graduates are highly sought after in both Christian and secular educational providers, with our alumni enjoying meaningful work in New Zealand and around the globe.

Whether you are interested in fostering innovative learning environments, want to upskill in your pedagogical abilities – or are seeking a career as an educator – Laidlaw’s education offerings will provide you with the learning and qualification that you require. 

Sample Courses:

  • Human Development
  • The Digital Classroom
  • Inclusive Pedagogies
  • Curriculum and Community Practices
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Responsive Practices
  • Teaching as Inquiry
  • Tumanako: Theology & Education

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