Rev. Dr MaryKate Morse


Flourishing in the inner life (resurrection hope)
Wednesday 26 March 2025 | 1:15pm

Flourishing in community (relational holiness)
Thursday 27 March 2025 | 8:45am

Flourishing in context (radical hospitality)
Friday 28 March 2025 | 8:45am

Thriving in uncertain times is often defined more by outward success, but for Christian believers it is also defined by a deep conviction that Christ is the source and the reason for why we do what we do. We are Christian pastors, educators, and leaders. We have a holy calling. We are engaged in a holy vocation. We lead from the center of Christ in us.

This type of leadership is more than following Jesus’ teachings. It is a life lived out of an inner conviction of the indwelling presence of Christ. Therefore, ours is a uniquely embodied leadership, and even more so when our work is in churches and institutions that are shaped by faith convictions. We must live out our callings in specific, physical ways and in specific places. Jesus came in the flesh to physically express the nature of God and God’s work in the world in a specific place. By routinizing our physical behaviors in physical spaces, we can lead more implicitly like Jesus. These behaviors are central to effective leadership and inspire hope within us and with others, especially during difficult times.



Rev. Dr MaryKate Morse is the former Executive Dean of Portland Seminary at George Fox University and serves now as a professor of Leadership & Spiritual Formation. She is the Lead Mentor in the Doctor of Ministry program on Leadership & Spiritual Formation. She is a church planter, spiritual director, leadership mentor and coach, speaker, and author including Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence, A Guidebook to Prayer, and Lifelong Leadership. She is passionate about companioning and resourcing people on the front lines of ministry.