Theses and Dissertations

Kaumātua ahi tere: Considering a theology of adoption and how it relates to the Māori practice of whāngai

Taryn Dryfhout

Ancient women, present God - an exercise in manaakitanga

Miriam Jessie Fisher

Covenant complexity: Paul's understanding of the new covenant in relation to the divine covenants of the Old Testament

Andrew Fistonich

Transformation and the Restoration of Right Relationships

Brian FitzPatrick

Emu Theology: In Search of the Emu in Kuruwarri

Scott Garwood

'A trial of strength': investigating the nature of Archdeacon Brown's relationship with Māori from the mid-1830's to the mid 1840's

Luke Goodwin

Theological Affirmation and Critique of Authentic Leadership from the Writings of Henri Nouwen

Chris Hannen

See to it that you do not refuse the one who is speaking' (Heb 12:25): The Function of the Citation Formulas in Hebrews.

Jonathan Hoskin

"Reflections on the Pākehā-Māori bicultural partnership in the Three Tikanga Anglican Church in the Diocese of Auckland since the Revised Constitution of 1992"

Own Hoskin

The many faces of Judith; through the lens of a Christian woman in leadership

Anna Howard

The Turn to the Contemplative in Christian Spirituality: Developing an Evangelical Response

Tracy Hunt

Third Article thinking in Tongues: towards a distinctly Pentecostal Third Article Theology

Liam Janes

Friendship: A relational view of mission in The Salvation Army

Caroline Jewkes

The Terror of Liminality

Hilary Johnston

A Study of the Millennium in the Book of Revelation

Daniel Jung

Καὶ τίς ἐστίν μου πλησίον; A Study of the Neighbour in the Parable of the Merciful Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37

James Kerr

Toward a Third Article Theology

David Kim

Isaiah 40:3 in the Qumran Community Rule and the Gospel of John: Does John Show Evidence of a Relationship to Qumran?

Claire Knowles

Embrace and Witness:  A critical review of Miroslav Volf’s culturally relevant theological methodology as utilised in Exclusion and Embrace

Soon Kwon

Minjung theology and its perspective to the postmodern society: focusing on the study of contextual and public theology.

Aiden Lee

The Abrahamic Promise in Genesis 12:3b and Its Ultimate Fulfilment in Christ in Galatians 3

Joonho Lee

Why Did the ‘’Meat’’ Matter? Background and Influences in Daniel

Carla Lindsey

Romans 5:12–21, typology and τύπος

Joey Millington

Romans 5:12-2: an investigation into Paul's Adam-Christ typology

Joey Millington

Missionaries, Chiefs and Gospel in Tongan Development – A study of the Influence of John Thomas in Tonga, 1824-1859.

Taniela Moala

Paul and Adversity

Paul Mosley

N T Wright and the continuing exile: How right is Wright?

Andrew McCulloch

What are the motivations for North Shore churches to do regular evangelism

Justin O'Malley

Who is Welcome at Paul's Table?

Benjamin Ong

Romans 3:21-26 and the “faith in/faith(fullness) of Christ” (Pistis Christou - πιστις χριστου) debate

Naylor Owen

Alas the Earth! Revelation and Environmental Ethics.

Cynthia Jean Palmer

Acts 15:16-18 in the Light of the Reception History of Amos 9:11-12

Andrew Payne

An insight into the Dalit Christian and Dalit Hindu writings 

Solomon Rajan

A Future Shaped By Holiness: Holiness as hermeneutic: towards a renewed missional imagination for The Salvation Army in Aotearoa New Zealand

Bryant Richards

"An Analysis and Critique of NT Wright's View of the Law in Paul"

Bruce Richardson

Let us strive to Enter that Rest (Heb 4:11): Present or Future?

Liz Riley

Romans 9-11: Paul's Understanding of Israel and God's Plan for Salvation

Rosealie Robinson

The Breadth of Paul’s Substitutionary Theme

Philip Sampson

Intimacy, Sexuality and Singleness

Anne Segedin

Mutuality in mission and Paul's Koinonia

John Sherlock

What does it mean for the church to be a place of belonging? A case study In disability

Fiona Sherwin

Merkabah Christology of the visionary experience found in the Fourth Gospel

Paula Simpson

A Comparative Study of six Models of the Atoneme

Hannah Stewart

He Kakano ahau i ruia mai e nga ringaringa tua iho o te Atua ki Aotearoa

Lorraine Taogaga

An evaluation and critical engagement of N. T. Wright’s understanding of Paul’s doctrine of justification.

Tagata Uli

Participation in the Abundant Life of the Triune God as a Model for Communicating the Gospel to the Japanese

Yukiko Wakui-Khaw

The Hospitality of God: A Trinitarian Missional Reading of Genesis 18:1-19

Nigel Webb

Engaging community partnerships to advance the local mission of the church

Michael Yates

Sowing and reaping: an evaluation of the mission principles of the Bengal Baptist Mission (1792-1857)

Peter De Vries

The Prophet as an Eschatological Figure.

Kezia Zafar