Postgraduate Courses

Laidlaw College has always been about forming leaders for Church and Society in Aotearoa – people who are committed to renewing their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through postgraduate study, we are inviting people to go deeper in understanding God, His world and our mission in it, and to use what they learn for the benefit of the Church.

We are looking for people who have a calling to go further in what Paul calls “being transformed by the renewing of your mind”, who are inspired by seeking truth in God’s Scriptures and Creation, and who want to use the fruits of their study for the building up of the Church, the furtherance of the Gospel, and the renewal of their communities.

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I love my study at Laidlaw. It enables me to think deeply about everything about God, life and faith, and it allows me to do that in a community of believers, of lecturers who are passionate about Jesus, about the bible, about the church and about God’s mission.
Postgraduate Student

Romans and the Mission of God
Rev. Dr Mark Keown
29 March-3 May | 9:30am-4:30pm
Henderson Campus

Explore Paul’s letter to the Romans from a missional perspective. After considering a missional hermeneutic and engaging with critical scholarship on Romans, the letter will be located socially and historically in the mission of God and that of the Apostle. Consider the genre and literary strategies of Romans in relation to the theme of “the gospel” and other themes. Paul’s gospel behind and in the letter will be explored. Drawing on Romans, a range of missional themes will be investigated including the cosmic scope of mission and its completion, proclamation, the gospel as the power of salvation, missional agency, the miraculous, social justice, ecological mission, social transformation, patronage and hospitality, the sovereignty of God and human volition, prayer, the State, culture, Israel, theology, and apologetics.


Theology and Media
Dr Stephen Garner
4-8 March & 13-17 May | 9:30am-12:30pm
Henderson Campus

Examine key areas of religious communication including the coverage of religion by mass media, how religious communities interact with the media, and how mass media shape perceptions of religion. Explore the interaction between Christianity and media in both local and global contexts.

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