Easter Reflections

This year’s Easter weekend offerings begin on “Maundy Thursday” – a day some Christians recognise as the evening of the Last Supper – a meal that began with Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. We’re taking a trip down memory lane and sharing with you some of the devotional content that some of our great-grandparents and aunties and uncles in the faith would have soaked in during the Ngaruawahia Easter Camps. Thursday’s content sets up the context for Easter weekend.

We have chosen selections from the programmes of 1927, 1938 and 1949 – all years when Friday was the 15th of April and Monday was the 18th – to line up with this year’s Easter weekend dates.

We are sharing this content under the categories of Morning, Midday and Evening reflections, but there is no set instruction on when and how to read them.

Some of the content or theology might be surprising or you might not agree with it. Some of the wording may seem unfamiliar. We share these for you to read, consider, and engage with. And we pray that the Spirit will strengthen you in your inner being as you reflect on these offerings from the archives with our extended and historical NZBTI/BCNZ/Laidlaw College community.  

This year we also offer a bonus piece on Tuesday called “After Camp – What?” that helps bridge the gap between a rich and full weekend of reflection and fellowship into the more ordinary daily patterns of life and worship.