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Laidlaw College’s Counselling programmes are concerned with personal, community and social renewal. We are inspired by the Gospel story to develop capacity to encounter one another in honest relationships, to assist people to overcome problems, and to engage in social systems so that people might enjoy the freedom to choose the stories they live by.

The Diploma in Relational Studies (DipRS) is a one-year diploma which equips people to engage relationally with others in a range of work and life contexts. Students who complete the DipRS and meet all other criteria may staircase into the second year of the Bachelor of Counselling programme.

The Bachelor of Counselling is a three-year professional degree that equips graduates to work as professional counsellors. It is based on Person-Centred and Narrative therapeutic approaches. Graduates will develop a theologically-informed relational approach within these modalities. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds who have a desire to work with people in a way that integrates their personal understanding of faith and God with professional counselling skills.