Non-Formal Study

Non-formal study is a great way to be part of the community of learning at Laidlaw College without committing to the significant cost and time expenditure of studying for credit.

Through non-formal study you are able to attend lectures from Laidlaw College’s School of Theology; take part in the in-class discussions; read the textbooks; and reflect on a topic that interests you. You will not be required to hand in any forms of assessment and will not receive any credits or certificates for the course. (Please note: Non-formal students will not receive a Laidlaw College Student ID and will not be able to borrow books from the library. If you are interested in a Laidlaw College Library membership, please talk to one of the librarians).

To apply to take a course (paper) non-formally at Laidlaw College please fill in our Online Application Form and follow the instructions therein. Please also see our School of Theology timetables for information on the times and dates of courses available in each semester.

Please note that there are limited places for Non-formal study in each course.


A course fee and student services fee apply. Please see the Fees Schedule.


For more information on Non-formal study, please call 09 836 7829 or email .

*Please be aware that the previous Laidlaw College designation of ‘Audit’ study no longer applies as there is no longer the option to upgrade to credit study at a later date when you have taken a paper non-formally in the first instance.