Stimulus, the New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice, is published by Laidlaw College three times a year. As its name implies, Stimulus provides provocative and challenging material for thoughtful readers, drawing on a wide variety of material, from authors outside of Laidlaw College, as well as from our own faculty. The major articles in each issue (as distinct from reviews and columns) are peer-reviewed.

To give you a little background, until November 2010, an independent trust published four issues of Stimulus each year for eighteen years. Some readers struggled to pigeon-hole the journal, asking: “Where does it ‘fit’?”, “Into what box?” In broad terms Stimulus was orthodox, evangelical, and Catholic while remaining open to publishing worthwhile and thought provoking material from beyond these descriptions. Stimulus had no formal links with any institution, denomination, or religious organisation, although they enjoyed good relations with many. Their stated aim was:

“ be part of the gospel imperative to transform minds and put faith in God into practice.”

In April 2012 Laidlaw College took over the production of Stimulus and continues to publish issues of Stimulus each year, with the same aim as that of the former publishers.

Stimulus is now produced as a free open source online publication. If you would like to be added to the mailing list to alert you when the new issue is released, or if you have any enquiries, please email: [email protected]

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