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The School of Theology offers a range of programmes from certificate to postgraduate level – rich in practical experience and in-depth knowledge designed to equip students with a faith as intelligent as it is courageous.

Our programmes aim to give students a deeper appreciation of the Gospel and Scripture and to learn to think and act imaginatively, critically, faithfully and practically in the everyday world. Our students will continue to be formed in their Christian faith, and be able to connect the reality of their faith to their own lives and the lives of those around them.

School of Theology Students might find themselves:

  • Studying and developing practical skills in Laidlaw’s Internship programme while they continue their church ministry
  • Taking time out for a gap year to strengthen and reinforce their faith before going on to University study
  • Preparing to participate in missions in New Zealand and around the world
  • Training for pastoral leadership or other church ministries
  • Bringing their faith to bear in the workplace
  • Participating in our community of discovery through postgraduate research and study