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Studying theology is about seeking wisdom to live faithfully in the world. Theological study at Laidlaw is not only for those preparing for professional Christian ministry, but is also for those who are seeking to deepen and integrate their faith into every area of life.

At Laidlaw, we recognise that our diverse cultures offer unique perspectives on knowing God and understanding what it means to faithfully follow Jesus. Exploring theology from a Maoritanga posture provides a deeper understanding of life and faith. Find out more about Māori and Indigenous Theology here.

With programmes ranging from Certificate to Doctoral level, we offer flexible pathways for full-time or part-time learning to equip you for lifelong faithfulness and leadership in any vocation.

    Located within the School of Theology, the Laidlaw Graduate School (LGS) seeks to nurture and train emerging scholars through strong postgraduate programmes and the building of a strong scholarly community in which students and established scholars work closely together, each gaining from the engagement of ideas. See our postgraduate programmes below and find out more about postgraduate study here.

    Biblically grounded

    Foundational to everything we do at Laidlaw is a commitment to the good news of Jesus as revealed in the Bible. We equip students to engage with Scripture more deeply, and to live out of this story of hope in every area of life.

    Integrated and missionally engaged

    We are looking for students who want to live out the Gospel in everything they do – in church ministry, professional leadership, academic research, social entrepreneurship, community engagement – and in every other sphere of life. Our programmes are designed to give you the theological and practical tools to integrate faith everywhere, whatever your particular calling. 

    Lecturers who live what they teach

    At Laidlaw you will be taught by brilliant teachers and researchers, many of whom are also serving as pastors, ministers, and Christian leaders across a range of vocations.

    Interdenominational and multicultural

    Laidlaw is an interdenominational community that serves across New Zealand’s churches. As New Zealand’s largest theological college, you will be immersed in a diverse community of staff and students from many cultures, united by evangelical faith and a common commitment to working out the Gospel in twenty-first century Aotearoa.