Doctoral Studies

Doctor of Theology (ThD)

Laidlaw Graduate School (LGS) may offer advice to students who wish to apply to the Australian College of Theology (ACT) to undertake their Doctor of Theology (ThD) degree; and provide academic supervision. The ThD is the highest award of the ACT. It is normally awarded on the basis of satisfactory completion of a thesis. The thesis must show evidence of original research and the exercise of independent critical analysis. Although a candidate works under a supervisor, the candidate is expected to demonstrate independence of thought. Potential candidates should consult programme regulations in the ACT Postgraduate Handbook which is available on the website of the Australian College of Theology Further enquiries should be directed to the Postgraduate Lead of LGS - John de Jong [email protected].

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy is an advanced research degree, suitable for preparation to be an academic scholar and teacher. Under a memorandum of agreement with Auckland University of Technology (AUT) graduates of Laidlaw Graduate School may apply to enrol in the AUT Doctor of Philosophy programme and to undertake research in theology under the supervision or co-supervision of LGS faculty. Such students are subject in all respects to the regulations of AUT and should familiarise themselves with the AUT Calendar available on the AUT website Students interested in this option should consult the Head of Theology - Myk Habets. Under another agreement, with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at University of Otago, students may apply to enrol in the Otago PhD with an endorsement from Laidlaw Graduate School. If accepted by Otago they may then satisfy the Otago residency requirements in Auckland and, with the approval of Otago, receive some of their supervision from LGS. Further details on Doctoral level options are available on the AUT website or the Otago website