Rev. Jonathan Dove


Discomfort and diversity as catalysts for individual transformation within the church body
Wednesday 26 March 2025 | 3:55pm

Transformation happens best at the intersection of discomfort, community, and the divine. Using stories derived from Gracecity church, this session will look at the valuable contribution ethnic, political, and social diversity have all played as individuals in church have grown amidst learning from diverse communities, such as through political round table conversations, ethnic stories, and the experiences of a couple serving in ministry to the homeless. Stories of church leaders from Auckland Church Network (ACN) will also be shared to examine the valuable contribution that exposure of different church prayer practices has had among church leaders learning from each other, such as in Pentecostal Christians embracing contemplative prayer practices from Catholic leaders. Additionally, this session will unpack lessons from a 12-week leadership challenge at Gracecity church where individuals were placed in situations with practices which caused some discomfort - all designed to help them hear and see afresh what God might be saying to them personally. It will show the way this discomfort and the role of this community was a catalyst for their leadership formation and mission engagement.

John Dove


Rev. Jonathan Dove is married to Robyn and father of four. He is the Senior Pastor of Gracecity Church. He has a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He convenes Auckland Church Network, composed of bishops and senior leaders. He is a visionary, gifted teacher, life-long learner, passionate about people coming to know Jesus and building a strong community of believers. His spare time is made up of family adventures, quality coffee, a good book, an All Blacks game, and walks at Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay.