Jeremy AdamsReference Librarian


Jeremy is the Electronic Resources Librarian at the Deane Memorial Library at the Henderson campus.

Jeremy is responsible for ensuring students have unhindered access to the library catalogue, journals databases, e-books and other online information and know how to use these various tools. He catalogues all resources and keeps everyone up to date with new material via regular library newsletters.

Jeremy began his library career in the early 1980s in the public library sector before working consecutively for two library system vendors over a period of 18 years. He travelled New Zealand selling and installing library software and providing ongoing support and training to various libraries around the country, including BCNZ/Laidlaw College (since 1992) before joining the team here in 2010. In 2016 he upgraded his qualification, attaining a Diploma in Information and Library Studies.

Jeremy is married to Carol with 2 adult children and one teenager still at school. He has an interest in classic cars and is involved in the restoration of a handful of vehicles.