Linda FlettNational Internship Coordinator

  • BMin, MTh

Linda Flett is a lecturer in the School of Theology at Laidlaw, specialising in Christian History and Pastoral studies. Linda, along with her husband Graeme, oversee the Internship programme nationally, working with an able team of internship coordinators and teaching students locally at the Henderson branch. Linda is currently the vice-president of ANZATFE – the Australasian Association for Theological Field Education. Locally, she is part of the organising team for Sustain network for women in leadership and Engage Centre for Church Leadership.

Linda loves history because it is an invitation to explore the very fabric of what God has been doing in the world since the time of Christ. The study of history can be likened to a tapestry. When we study history, we are turning the tapestry over, exploring the threads of what went on in the past in order to deepen our understanding of the texture and colour of Christianity across the centuries.

Linda is also deeply committed to pastoral formation. Years of leadership experience have highlighted the need for those engaged in ministry to be prepared well. Through the internship programme we have been able to create a pathway for intentional leadership development that fosters the formation of biblically grounded reflective practitioners. Leaders who are not only skilled practically but carry a deep sense of Christ’s call to mission, and good levels of self-awareness so they can be effective and authentic wherever they serve.

Linda’s research interests are in Pentecostal history and theology. Linda published her first book in 2015, A Full-er Gospel? Pentecostal Proclamation in New Zealand 1990-2008, a section of which was published as a chapter in New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry in 21st Century Contexts in 2013. Linda is currently working on a PhD on the History of the Elim Churches in New Zealand and hopes to have this complete in 2020. Some of her work has already appeared as popular articles in Elim’s Breakthrough Magazine.

Linda has a background in nursing and is a BCNZ graduate from the nineties. Following this, she completed a MTh in 2011 through the Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School. Linda began lecturing part-time in 1999, first with Elim Ministry Training College, then Laidlaw, and for a few years - Alpha Crucis. She taught a range of subjects but predominantly, Church History and Pentecostal Theology. Linda has been involved with Laidlaw's Internship program for many years as mentor for interns and (from 2007) as a program coordinator. In 2011 Linda and her husband Graeme were appointed joint National Coordinators. Prior to taking up the national role, Linda worked with Graeme in pastoral ministry: For three and a half years in Tauranga and later, for thirteen years at Burnside Elim Community Church in Christchurch. In 2013 she was ordained as Pastor with the Elim Churches of NZ.

Linda and her husband Graeme have 3 grown daughters all of whom have technically left home. She enjoys gardening, walking and any form of logic-based puzzles.


Peer-reviewed Publications

Forthcoming (2014)

A Full-er Gospel: Pentecostal Proclamation in New Zealand 1990-2008. Auckland: Archer Press, 2014.


“Changing Paradigms in Mission: Gospel Proclamation in AGNZ since 1990” in Newton, John (ed.). New Frontiers: redefining Christian ministry in 21st century contexts. Preston, VIC: Mosaic Resources, 2013.

Conference Papers & Presentations


“Building collaborative learning communities: Convergence of academy and parish” to the Australia New Zealand Theological Field Educators conference, Auckland, NZ.

“Exploring trends in Gospel Proclamation in New Zealand” to the Engage Centre for Church Leadership, Laidlaw College, Auckland.


“Changing Paradigms in Mission: Gospel Proclamation in AGNZ since 1990” to the New Frontiers conference. Harvest Bible College, Melbourne, Australia.


“The Changing Face of Pentecostal Proclamation,” seminar to the Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School.

Unpublished Thesis


“Proclaiming the Gospel in New Zealand: An examination of the message and methods of the Assemblies of God and Elim Churches from 1990 – 2008.” Unpublished MTh Thesis: Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School, 2011. (Available through Laidlaw Library)