Susan GrantLecturer - Counselling and Education

  • H.Dip.Ed (Snr Primary), BA Health Sciences and Social Services, BA Honours – Psychology, MA Psychology

Susan Grant is a lecturer at Laidlaw, with a specialisation in counselling psychology. Susan supports students in the Bachelor of Counselling programme, in their process groups and on practicum.

Susan is inspired by her engagements with students, in that she - as person - is shaped by the person-to-person encounters in the classroom, group meetings and placements. She loves the space that these encounters give to sharing of ideas, dialoguing and making connections; between people, as well as between students and concepts. Susan's primary focus is on concepts around relationships within and between God, persons and communities, and how the counsellor can facilitate healthy ways of relating.

In making these connections, Susan aims to facilitate students in their preparation for working in communities where they and their counselling skills can be brought into action safely, ethically and effectively.

Susan is currently researching the principles and processes involved in Nature Therapy and the Theology of Nature / the Natural World, and how these can connect to the promotion of emotional and spiritual well-being.

Susan and her family hail from South Africa. She trained as a school teacher in the 1990's and taught in primary and high schools for 16 years. While working, she studied her B.A. Health Sciences and Social Services degree via distance learning, through UNISA (University of South Africa). In 2011, she completed her Honours degree in Psychology at the same university, as well as a counselling internship at Bryanston Methodist Counselling House and in high schools. In 2015, she completed a M.A. Psychology degree, through North West University, (South Africa) specialising in Gestalt Play Therapy. She passed the Psychology board exam of the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and worked in her small part-time practise as a registered counsellor (2011-2015). Susan moved with her family to New Zealand in 2016.

Susan is married to Glenn. Their family includes a seven year old son of their own and Glenn’s son, who is married and lives in South Africa. Susan has a father and two siblings living in South African and Europe. For relaxation she loves swimming, baking, taking walks in nature and watching movies with her family.