Equipping Leaders for Church and Society

Laidlaw has been training leaders for church and society since 1922. This rich experience of over 90 years of educating has developed our proven capability of developing and equipping leaders who can thrive in church, business and community.

We offer both practical and formational training for pastors and ministers - as well as preparing people for leadership in every sphere of society.

We believe that God has called Christians to work for the renewal of their communities, cultures, economies and environments - to humbly pursue justice and grace everywhere.

Through our School of Social Practice, we train teachers and counsellors, and offer professional training for a wide variety of work with people.

Our School of Theology offers programmes for those seeking to integrate their faith into their vocation, with many students studying part-time while pursuing their careers.

Laidlaw College graduates have gone on to serve as school principals, Members of Parliament, family counsellors, agricultural entrepreneurs, humanitarian aid workers, conservationists, social workers, university lecturers - and countless other roles.

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