Laidlaw College offers a high-quality, unique community of theological education in the New Zealand context.

Our school is grounded on several key distinctives, undergirding everything we do.

These include:

1. A Commitment to the Gospel.

At the heart of our programmes is the desire to help you know God more deeply, to read the Bible more richly and to see you become more like Jesus. 

2. Forming Students for Lifelong Leadership.

We seek to help you build a long-lasting faith that will bear fruit over a lifetime.  

3. World-Class Teaching and Research.

Our world-class teachers are involved in active academic research, resulting in Laidlaw as the highest ranked non-university research institution in New Zealand. 

4. Equipping Leaders for Church and Society.

Our programmes are designed to help you integrate your faith into your vocation and to prepare you for leadership among your community. 

5. Authentic Staff.

Our teaching staff combine academic knowledge with practical experience and an vibrant personal faith. 

6. Providing A Supportive and Diverse Community.

Our community is interdenominational and multicultural and we value our unity in Christ among our diversity. We are committed to supporting each student to succeed in their studies.