Providing a Supportive and Diverse Community

Laidlaw is an interdenominational college, with lecturers and students from many churches - united by their faith in Christ.

We hold strongly to our evangelical faith, and encourage students to explore the richness of their own and other denominational traditions in the light of Scripture and the ongoing work of the Spirit in the world.

Proud of our long tradition of bicultural engagement, we are deeply committed to the Treaty of Waitangi, and to developing Māori and Pasifika leaders, and indigenous theology.

We are a multicultural community, with staff and students from many cultures, inspired by the vision of the new creation in which every nation and language declares the glory of God.

Offering a supportive community, we are dedicated to assisting the success of students with disabilities and other barriers to tertiary study. Every student at Laidlaw has access to personalised learning support from our dedicated team of specialists.

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