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You may not be a student or staff member any more, but we value the time that you spent with us and would love to keep in touch with you. Please let us know what you get involved with after College so we can support and resource you where possible.

As an alumni of Laidlaw College (which includes Bible Training Institute (BTI), Bible College of New Zealand (BCNZ) or MASTERS Institute) you become part of a thriving, life-giving, resourcing and equipping alumni community. Make the most of this opportunity.

Alumni Engagement – the big picture

Our vision is a world shaped by love, compelled and informed by the Gospel and our mission is to equip students and scholars to renew their communities with a faith as intelligent as it is courageous.

The formation of people who engage the world with love, compelled and informed by the Gospel cannot be fully achieved within a couple of years of study and does not end at graduation. It is the work of a lifetime and as such, the building and maintaining of relationship with Laidlaw College alumni (including BTI, BCNZ and MASTERS Institute) is central to our vision.

In regard to alumni engagement, our goal is to resource and equip alumni for the sake of church and community renewal through deeper conversations concerning life and theology that enriches and strengthens their faith and equips them to live well.

In order to realise this goal we have identified three primary objectives:

  1. The creation of a community of alumni who feel a sense of unity, belonging and connection to each other and the College.
  2. To offer alumni access to resources, people and events that will enrich and strengthen them in faith, life, church and the public arena.
  3. To invite alumni to partner with the College, and to facilitate their involvement and contribution to a range of strategic initiatives, for the purpose of assisting and equipping the College to do its tasks well.


Life after College can take many forms and we recognise that due to physical location or family and work commitments our alumni will have differing levels of capacity and interest in ongoing engagement with the College.

We outline different levels of possible engagement below and explain these in detail on the pages that follow.

As long as we have your current email or physical address, all alumni will receive Encounter (a quarterly newsletter for the wider College community) and Love to Know (a second quarterly newsletter specifically for alumni).

In addition to these printed newsletters, connection with College and each other is also possible through two social media channels. Laidlaw has an active and vibrant Facebook page that provides a window into College life and will keep you informed about people and events at Laidlaw. We also have a private social networking site - Rauhitanga - designed specifically for Laidlaw College alumni as a place for you to keep connected with each other.

We consider the annual National Alumni Gatherings (in Auckland and in Christchurch) to be the highlight of the alumni calendar and strongly encourage you to prioritise attendance. Along with great theological content and opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new ones, the National Principal updates the wider alumni body on the current initiatives, priorities and challenges facing the College.

For some of you, connection with College and each other through receipt of information and attendance at the National Alumni Gatherings will be enough. However, if you recognise the strategic importance of the College for New Zealand and beyond and would like to be involved in the conversation around the College’s direction and future, then we would invite you to become involved with the College in an advisory, visionary and governance capacity. This involvement would take the form of attendance at and participation in Regional Alumni Conversation Evenings to be held around the country in November each year and formal membership of Laidlaw College Incorporated Society, the legal entity that underpins the College’s activities.

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