08 June 2013

Having Fun with Zero Dollars!

by Andy Crowe, Bachelor of Teaching student

People rejuvenate in many different ways. For instance, I like quiet weekends. I can easily spend time at home, just me and my wife. Others, though, like to make things happen. I could be one of those others. But, an excuse I have been holding onto for far too long is that I don’t have any money to spend.

I’m going to be a qualified teacher in two years time, and one of the marks of a great teacher I think, is their resourcefulness. How resourceful am I?

I have never let money get in the way of community initiatives I have had in the past, but when it comes to taking initiative for myself, or for making my wife’s day, I struggle with that.


Here I am. I know my ‘problem’ is a lame excuse. I don’t lack resourcefulness, I’m just lazy!

Convinced that I’m not the first to want to have fun with Zero Dollars I tried Google, naturally.

My search enquiry: “fun weekends without spending money”.


Those were the first three. Here are my top 7 ideas after reviewing the many that were on offer, and ones I hope to try out soon, maybe even on a weekday!

Top 7 Free Things to Do!

In no particular order…

  • Potluck Dinner with friends/ family.
  • Rent out or borrow a few Oscar Nominated movies and snuggle up for a movie night.
  • Help someone else enjoy their weekend. Volunteer, look around your community and see who needs your help. You never know who you might help, just by donating the gift of your time.
  • Sports with Friends and people from the neighbourhood.
  • Creative endeavour – Baking, crafts, design, writing (poetry/ short stories), stencilling, something you haven’t done before?!
  • Board games are always fun, try and track down ones you haven’t played before – Balderdash, Catch a Phrase, to name two that I haven’t played in a while.
  • Garage Sale – Well you could probably only do this once a year or two, but you can actually make money!

So there are some ideas for you, and for me.

Keep learning and get involved!

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