28 September 2016

Discarding distractions during your mid-semester break.

During mid-semester break it can often be hard to keep motivation high enough to knuckle down and study, with many distractions calling your name – Stranger Things, need I say more!

In order to combat the bouts of ‘study’ that look more like downing a packet or two of chips and repeatedly clicking yes to ‘Are you still watching?’ Netflix messages, for the next five days we will post a suggestion of something you can do to get yourself in the mood for a good study sesh.

1. Take your study somewhere new

Sick of sitting at your desk all day, staring at the same wall or finding it difficult to be inspired in the library?

Try taking your books to your favourite café and park up for a couple of hours with a coffee and some tasty food. This study spot is perfect for extroverts who can find it hard to study in silent spaces or alone. Remember to be respectful to the café staff; don’t overstay your welcome and buy enough to justify your spot at the table. This will guarantee smiling faces every time you walk through the door, and who knows, they might even remember your favourite coffee and brew it without you needing to ask.

Studying with friends is also a great way to motivate yourself to work. Get a study group together and congregate around a table somewhere, sharing coffee, snacks and interesting facts. Often opening discussion with others can lead you to discovering new ideas and can excite you about subjects that peviously left you yawning.

There’s something inspiring about watching someone talking about things they’re passionate about.