02 December 2021

Laidlaw at Red

From 3 December 2021, Laidlaw College will operate as a vaccine pass required organisation.

To find out more about our decision-making process please take a look at our article on moving into the CPF. 

At Red:

  • Consistent with TEC guidance, campuses will be open with vaccination certificates required
  • Utilise the NZ Pass Verifier app at each campus entrance
  • 1 metre distancing
  • Masks are mandatory for indoor public areas and learning space. (Staff who remain distanced may remove masks when presenting. Masks can be removed when eating and drinking.)
  • Require QR code scanning
  • Students to attend classes in person, with a vaccine pass only. Usual attendance criteria applies
  • Offsite learning will be available only if meaningful outcomes can be delivered and staffing capacity enables. (‘Meaningful’ includes meeting requirements from regulatory & registration bodies, placements, and the impact of health orders)
  • Events will follow CPF guidelines with vaccination certificates (max 100 people subject to 1 metre distancing)

A summary of Laidlaw’s response to the CPF across several areas of the College’s operations can be found here.

Henderson and Manukau Campuses will remain closed until 17 January to enable us to prepare for operating at Red in 2022. Staff will be able to work onsite if they meet vaccine pass requirements, but are encouraged to continue working from home where possible. Library Click and Collect services will continue to operate outside of Christmas Break dates.

Implications of requiring vaccine passes

For students without a vaccine pass, or who live with those who are more vulnerable or are vulnerable themselves, we will make every effort to provide alternate or remote learning options. However, offsite learning will be made available only if meaningful outcomes can be delivered and our staffing capacity enables this to take place. ‘Meaningful’ includes meeting requirements from regulatory and registration bodies and the impact of health orders on access to sites where students may undertake practicum requirements or internships.  

Heads of School will be in contact with any students who are unable to be onsite and/or unable to complete the practicum or internship requirements for their programme.  

For staff members without a vaccine pass, or who live with those who are more vulnerable or are vulnerable themselves, we will conduct an interim working-from-home assessment. This will consider the impacts on the staff member, the College, and our stakeholders in performing their role remotely. In recognising that long-term work from home may not deliver the best outcomes, interim working-from-home plans will have a review date no later than 1 April 2022.   

To find out about Vaccine Exemptions please check out the Ministry of Health Website

Student Support are available to respond to any questions students may have about how this affects their study. As with many organisations across Aotearoa, we will be learning our way into the CPF over the next few months. We will set up logistics as best we can, adapt to this new environment as required, and will continue to provide as much information as we can, as regularly as we can.