Laidlaw College Foundation

Since it was established in 1986, the Laidlaw College Foundation has been active in the life of the College, building an endowment fund, supporting students and staff and helping fund the Library. Its continuing goal is to see the endowment fund grow significantly and provide income for Laidlaw College for generations to come. An exciting goal!

The Foundation is a separate legal entity incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act and registered with the Charities Commission (registration number CC25032). Its purpose is to benefit Laidlaw College Inc and its students, staff and graduates. Growth of this endowment fund will provide the College with an income stream that will enable them to focus on training students for Christian service rather than finding additional income to service debt and other running costs.

The Foundation has to date built a nett investment fund in excess of $5 million, much of which has been built through legacy gifts, where graduates or others wanting to express their appreciation and support have made provision for the College in their will. Laidlaw College Foundation is now seeking new investments to grow the Foundation’s capital base, and ensure that the future of Laidlaw College is secure.


The Foundation is managed by a Board, with sub committees tasked with oversight of investment and property.

Meet the Trustees of the Laidlaw College Foundation:

Graham Burt (Chair)
Jessica Palmer (Chair of National Governing Council)
Roshan Allpress
Chris Collins
Stafford Houghton
Brent Pattison
Geoffrey Maunsell
Nathanael Starrenburg
Rob Wallace
Graham Walton


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+64 9 427 4322

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