Ministry & Mission


Theology is never done as an exercise in itself, there is always a goal and that is to live out the radical call of discipleship in faithful ways in the world which bring glory to God. Laidlaw’s call is to serve churches and society by preparing and equipping students for a wide range of ministry contexts. Training for pastoral leadership has been central to Laidlaw’s vision from its inception.  

There are few gatherings as ancient and diverse as the Christian Church. Stained glass windows and choirs meet stage lights and rock music. Babies and the elderly rub shoulders. Teaching, preaching, training, community, food, rituals – all co-exist within the gathering of God’s people. Laidlaw loves churches and believes that these God-centred communities are central to the transformation of lives and communities – as well as bearing the Gospel of Jesus into all spheres of life. 

Our ministry courses provide informed reflection on what it means to be the Church, as well as world-class training in the everyday of ministry life – leadership, preaching, discipleship, and community engagement. 

Our programmes of study are rigorously biblical, deeply theological, and at the same time contextually connected. With formation, practicums, reflective practice, and a wide range of practical papers on offer, we work with individual churches and denominations on tailored training pathways for those entering ministry and for more seasoned and experienced pastoral leaders. Beyond the classroom we have a range of formational and worship experiences that build community, foster connection, and integrate student’s learning and lives.  


Sample courses:

  • Christian Leadership and Mission
  • Leadership Internship I and II
  • Practicum I and II
  • Introduction to Preaching
  • Making Disciples that Last
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Church Management
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Church: Theology and Practice
  • Faithful Living: Introduction to Reflective Practice
  • Pastoral Care in Community
  • Pastoral Care in Life’s Crises
  • Mercy, Justice, and Social Transformation
  • Spirituality for Ministry
  • Theology and Disability
  • Theology, Suffering, and Hope


Acts 1:8 gives us the famous mandate for missions – to take the Gospel near and far, even to the ends of the earth. Laidlaw College was founded on the idea of Christian missions, and it has never lost its focus on the clear, compelling, and faithful communication of the Good News of Jesus Christ for the world. Laidlaw graduates have served in local, national, and international missions agencies and continue to be faithful and courageous leaders around the world. It is our vision to equip more labourers for the harvest as the Lord wills.

Modern missions studies now incorporate intercultural studies and missional theology. Laidlaw’s suite of missions papers provides students with the biblical and theological foundations for missions, and with the practical skills necessary to engage an ever-changing world. Through a series of courses that cover Gospel, culture, context, communication, and leadership, Laidlaw’s courses in mission and intercultural studies continues to prepare and equip students for this third millennium. 


Sample courses:

  • Reading the Bible
  • Interpreting the Bible
  • Engaging Theology
  • Salvation in History and Beyond
  • Church: Theology and Practice
  • Apologetics
  • Ecological Mission
  • History of New Zealand Christianity
  • Mission, Church and Community
  • Bicultural Relationships
  • Introduction and Theology of Evangelism
  • Preaching in Cultural Context
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Biblical and Contemporary Theology of Mission
  • Christianity and Other Religions
  • Survey of Islam
  • Majority World Theology
  • Mission in Practice
  • Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation

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