17 December 2018


Krish Kandiah spoke at a public lecture in October on the biblical mandate for the church to care about vulnerable children. Krish is the Founding Director of Home for Good, a young charity in the UK seeking to make a real difference in the lives of these children. Krish’s talk related to one of his latest books, God is Stranger: what happens when God turns up?

A strong advocate for foster care and adoption, Krish spoke of the change that occurs when people are viewed through the lens of the Gospel. His talk was sprinkled with personal examples of the impact loving foster care can have, and of Christians in the UK who are stepping up to provide such care. Krish and his wife are themselves foster parents, a commitment they have made for life, not just until the children turn 18.

It was a passionate and heart-felt talk, leaving the audience challenged to ponder how the Biblical mandate for Christians to care about vulnerable children could be answered in their own context.

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