Rev. Watiri Maina


The church body as a healing sacrament
Thursday 27 March 2025 | 11:10am

This session will discuss the concept of the church body as a healing sacrament, emphasizing the importance of creating flourishing communities that nurture healing, restoration, and transformation. It will acknowledge that while the church community is often envisioned as the body of Christ, there are times when it struggles, hindered by conflict and dysfunction. To foster flourishing, this session will suggest intentional practices such as restorative approaches, constructive language use, and envisioning transformation. Drawing from biblical models and metaphors, it will explore how these practices can transcend conflict and promote healing. It also highlights the significance of intersubjectivity and relational depth in creating spaces for transformative encounters. This session will outline various practices essential for building healthy communities, including prayer, preaching, modelling wholeness, restorative conversations, and peace-making initiatives. It will emphasize the role of communal commitment and leadership in facilitating healing and transformation within the church. Furthermore, it will present the idea of sacramental churches, which embody sanctifying, social, and subversive sacraments, demonstrating unity in Christ and sharing His love with the world. It will argue that through unity and love, the church can attract others to experience healing and transformation within its community. Overall, this session will advocate for a holistic approach to church community building, where members actively engage in practices that promote healing, restoration, and transformation. By embodying the values of Christ and fostering unity, the church can serve as a healing sacrament, inviting others into transformative encounters with God.

Watiri Maina


Rev. Watiri Maina is an Anglican priest serving in Nelson diocese. She is the vicar of Victory Community Church. She is also a spiritual director, retreat facilitator, supervisor and counsellor in private practice. She has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a graduate diploma in Theology. Her interests are in supporting of flourishing ministry and ministry leaders, prayer, as well as in peace building and conflict transformation. She is married to Steve and they have two daughters.