Spiritual Formation and Pastoral Care

Spirituality is central to the Christian faith – but it’s also mysterious. Prayer and fasting, meditation and chanting – how do these actually help us in strengthening our faith and love of God?

Laidlaw teaches a holistic Christian faith that encompasses the mind, body, heart and soul. We believe that to truly deepen our engagement with Jesus requires more than intellectual curiosity – it also involves the growing of our spirit and the nurturing of intimacy with the mysterious triune God.

As we seek to understand what relationship with God means, we also discover what it means to be in relationship with others. Spiritual formation and the care of others are intrinsically linked – as we grow and learn in one, we develop our skills in the other.

The study of spiritual formation and pastoral care is never merely academic – but always curious, practical and expressed in the lived wisdom of the Laidlaw faculty. With a wide range of courses designed to cultivate a deeper love of God and others, you can be assured of an education that will shape and inform your devotional and relational future.

Sample Courses:

  • Spirituality for Ministry
  • Formation
  • Historical and Contemporary Models of Spirituality
  • Pastoral Care in Community
  • Pastoral Care in Life’s Crises
  • Mission in Practice
  • Theology of Suffering and Hope

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